Monday, February 18, 2013


The proper order of things is often a mystery to me.  You, too?

The Cheshire Cat (as quoted by Lewis Carroll)

The contents of my cabinet fall into different categories.
Beyond my making drawings and books, the room has acted as a magnet for so many of the possessions I have acquired over my lifetime. I am regularly surprised to find something more, unrecognized,  lurking on a shelf or in a drawer, that belongs there.

Other elements being added are objects created by artists whose work I admire.

Another category is the representation of people who are important to me for personal reasons - for instance, the drawing of my father as the Green Man.

My mother's contribution turns out to be a pillow she did in needlepoint which I inherited and put in our living room on a chair.  The image of a cat is particularly appealing.  It was made from a kit so it is not original to her but the time she spent and the pleasure she got from making it were unique to her.  Whenever I look at it I remember when it sat on her couch and I can go back in time to the house she loved.  Recently that pillow migrated from my living room to sit on a chair in the cabinet where it now lives with the birds in a peaceable kingdom.

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  1. I love that pillow. I'm glad it has a place with the cabinet.