Tuesday, March 19, 2013


"Any questions or compliments?"

Mona Weisser (Age 8, upon finishing the reading of her paper at the Fernwood Montessori School Science Fair.  May 2012)

I have always regretted not keeping a diary but it is not within my talents.  Recently I rediscovered and read a book Donella Vogel made of Email letters I wrote to her in 1998.  When she gave me the present I was pleased but now I am thrilled to have it.  It is amazing  how many noteworthy things happened that year.  I would never be able to reconstruct those events at this point.  The reason for this blog is to keep  notes on the construction of the different aspects of the installation before I forget them.  Once I have finished a project and I am on to the next one, I shed old information promptly.

I wish I had kept a record of the people who have already visited the Cabinet because that too will get mixed up or forgotten.

During the latest cleaning and reorganization of my studio, I found a shabby old ledger from our early days in business when my father set up and monitored our bookkeeping.  That was well before average people were using computers for accounting. That book has morphed into a Guest Book for the Cabinet.  The outside and inside of the two covers are now decorated with collages.  In keeping with my idea of using what is available in my house as much as possible, the images come from over-run pages from my books, bits of old projects and papers in storage.

The original ledger paper will act as sign-in pages for guests.

I am proposing three different types of entries for future guests to choose from.
The first and simplest is a signature with a date - comments if the person wants to are fine but not required.
The second option is to sign and also draw something in the book or send something back to paste into the book such as a poem or picture.
The third and perhaps final option is for the person to take over a whole page to draw, write or paste on.  That paper might be a plain sheet if the person doesn't want their work to be mingling with ledger lines.  It can be taken away and sent back.  I am not good at creating under pressure or watchful eyes and understand if others have that same problem.  Since it is a ledger it can be opened and paper rearranged as needed.

Viewing of the cabinet is by invitation or can be arranged upon request.   There will be open house days arranged in the future.

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  1. That's beautiful. I'm tempted to make a guest book for our house, now.