Friday, December 13, 2013

SKY book

Everything in the world exists so it can end up as a book.

Stéphane Malarmé

The potential for reproducing an image accurately has become impressive.  Recently I have gotten digital prints of my drawings that are so close to the original it is a bit frightening.
Whereas I don't intend to go in league with those who sell their digital work in the same arena as original prints such as etchings and woodcuts, I am thrilled to be able to use the process to print posters and illustrate my books.

I used the digital images of the drawing mounted on the SKY cabinet, inside and out, for my most recent artist's book. Each element is paired with a poem or work of prose written specifically for the book. I am grateful to the writers for their generosity in working with me on this project.

The writers involved in order of appearance in the book:  Arnold Klein / Night Sky,  Bill Harris / Mars,  Arno Klein / Hugo Bristol,  Sarah Hart / Moon,  Henrietta Slote / Herakles,  Barrett Klein / Scorpio Rising,  Christopher Leland / Sol Invictus - Father's Regret,   Korinthia Klein / Saturn,  Alison Rogers Napoleon / Conversations with Uranus.

Sol Invictus may have been the final poem by Christopher Leland at the end of his life. He was a fine writer and an inspiring instructor who is deeply missed.

The cover of the book is a combination of paper with white wax dots, rhinestones and beads sewn on,  buttons, press on sparkles and touches of glitter glue.  The title page paper is metallic marble.
The digital images are printed in acid free inks on acid free paper by Eric Law of Color Ink Studio.


  1. It really is one of your best books ever. So honored to have made a small contribution to it.

  2. These are impressive! What's great about it is that you could re-use your works again, without sacrificing quality. This is what digital prints give you. Those should open up new avenues for your drawings to be used or printed in different mediums. Are you going to continue on using this? Good luck!

    Faye Fowler @ Master Copy & Printing