Sunday, June 21, 2015


The food here is terrible,
and the portions are too small.

Woody Allen

The diets of  both birds and insects are varied and can be remarkably specific. Their preferences have great impact on the ecosystems where they live.  Their lives in turn are dependent on the qualities of the land they inhabit.

In my Life series I have made it simpler for them by creating a pantry for their use.  The container for this storage unit is a clock case collaged with famous art work depicting birds and insects.  I have used other clock cases as temples so this one could also be considered the Temple of Food.

Inside there are bottles and cans, similarly collaged, which contain dried seeds for future dinners or as reserves for times of famine.  How do the birds survive in Michigan in the winter when the temperatures are so cold and everything seems covered with ice?  They amaze me.