Monday, April 29, 2013


Your children will smash your understanding, knowledge and reality.  You will be better off.  Then they leave. You'll miss them forever.

Tibor Kalman



Until recently I have had only the slightest interest in drawing people.  They are rarely found in still life drawings which have been the main focus of my work for many years. 

Arno and Barrett are our identical twin sons.  They are remarkable artists, writers and scientists. 
They are also two of the most original, funniest and kindest people I have ever met.  Walk anywhere with them and you will see more and you will always learn something new.  They (along with their amazing sister Korinthia, who will appear later in this blog) are my best "works".

I was inspired to include Barrett in the Insect Installation, as he opened the door to that kingdom for me.  He began his pursuit of entomology when at the age of 5 he found a dead butterfly in our driveway.  From then on it was the major focus of his interest. He has generously allowed me to visit him as he has pursued his adventures and his education.  He is the inspiration for my interest in natural history museums.  Arno's interests are less accessible to me as they include the realms of computers beyond my reach and the study of brains that goes even further away.  Despite that, he is approachable and wonderful with his ability to include anyone who is interested in his work.  Both are admirable, generous scientists.  

All three of our children have taught me to be more rigorous in my thinking - always question! Conversations with them are exciting and profitable.

In the cabinet of sons and insects  Barrett is surrounded by bees as his PhD work was involved with bees and sleep.  Arno is surrounded by mantids and stick insects because they seem to suit him and they also relate to forms of martial arts which have been a part of his life.

This is the outside of the cabinet.  Further posts will explore the inside when the doors open... 

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