Monday, April 8, 2013


In plain words, Chaos was the law of nature Order was the dream of man.

Henry Adams

The insect triptych was the second of the cabinets to be built.  I did not post it before because I was waiting to see where it would find a home in the Cabinet Room.  Because there is not a lot of space to house my objects in the original room, this one has spilled over into a second room where I have decided to install a wall of insects.  it is actually inconveniently positioned for now on top of a French cabinet which houses our pottery collection.  It puts the triptych up too high to investigate intimately,  but at least it is now out for view and not hidden.  

The front two doors feature a lily and a tulip.  The tulip, one of the flamed varieties, is appropriate. The hawk moth which I have rising up from it is like a Phoenix.  The drawings are covered with moths and butterflies in bits and parts like a collage. Bands of Lepidoptera  act as bases for the main drawings.

When the doors are fully opened 24 insects from various families are revealed.  Each one has its own setting.  It is a case again of ecological fiction.  I have used different objects that visually suit the insects, giving them beautiful homes but not places where they might actually appear.  People are too often afraid of insects and I feel that if presented in this unusual way they might better be considered for their beauty.

The back of the insect cabinet has one large drawing of a pond surrounded by camouflage insects.
This seems to work out for them in that the back of the cabinet is rarely viewed.  They are extra well hidden from view.

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  1. I love that cabinet. Glad to see it finally get a space on this blog!